All of our quartz products are made from pure natural quartz. Variation in the natural stone (quartz) color, size, shape, and shade are inherent unique characteristics to be expected with this product. This does not affect the product performance in anyway. Color blotches are intended and designed in many colors to enhance the natural quartz beauty. Quartz is virtually a maintenance free product; the non-porous surface will retain its luster for years without the need of waxing or sealing. This heat and scratch resistant surface is great for all homes and has many applications. All quartz is backed with at least a ten year warranty. Our available quartz suppliers are Cambria, Zodiaq, Silestone, Vicostone, and Ceaserstone.


Granite is an igneous rock of visible crystalline formation and textures and contains many feldspars and quartz. The color and slab of granite comes from minerals and organic matter present when the granite was in its molten state. Granite is a very durable stone withstanding almost any element it comes up against including heat and cold. Granite itself is approximately 95% stain resistant but we use a sealer on all of our natural stone products to enhance their resistance. The frequency for resealing depends on the type of stone installed and the amount of use the countertops see. The natural beauty of granite makes it a great choice for all homes. As each countertop is uniquely different you the home owner must hand select it at one of our slab yards.

Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is a man-made chemically bonded minimal filled polymeric material that is bonded and hardened into a solid material in a variety of shapes. This is a nonporous surface that is resistant to staining. Application may include vanity tops, shower, tub surroundings. A wide selection of styles and colors are available.


Laminate countertops provide the widest selection of color and finishes for the lowest price, laminates are available in solid colors, patterns, wood grains, metal and honed finishes. The many options make laminate a good choice for many residential and commercial applications as it is readily available and inexpensive to replace if your style or taste change.